Smile for a while pres. All That Jelly Vol. 3


Smile for a while bring us a sizzling-hot re-issue on their „All that jelly“ sublabel with thumpin beats by Chicago grandmaster Jordan Fields.


This slice of black gold came out on LARGE Records in 1994 and was now carefully remastered by German sound guru Herb LF.


You'll hear devastating 909 drums with loads of chopped up Latin-style samples all hardware-honed with drum machines and an MPC. Basement-style House for all the oldschool lovers out there.


We don’t make dance records; We make records you can dance to!


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S4AW 014 - Monosoul - Beyond Skin-deep EP


After a short hiatus to Axe on Wax and his return to Tieffrequent records Monosoul is coming back to S4AW, too...


Monosoul's signature sound is still there and yet has changed a bit. More bouncing basslines, more deepness and more Synth textures...


On remix credits we've got Atlanta's very own Byron The Aquarius. 2016 was an exceptionally good year for him in the biz with releases on Wild Oats, Sound Signature, etc. In 2017 he will totally go big with his unique, deep „no frills“ jazzy impro style. So we're more than happy with his own chord jams making up a top notch remix.


What's left to be said? Well like Michael Brody put it: Nothing is more important than friendship. Not money, not fame, not death. Crew Love is true love!



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Smile for a while podcast #27 - Lucas Eb (030esar0303)


Lucas EB from Berlin is part of the Zosse Records party crew and is also hosting the fafomus 030esar0303 Youtube channel, known for its prolific selection of contemporary House Music vids...


Smile for a while podcast #26 - Soundopamine


Our next podcast brings a very talented duo from Bucharest / Romania from #everydayparadisecrew. They shape a complete experience by combining arts and styles, with a definitive house vibe, tropical colours and psychedelic touch. Their live shows/ dj sets feature original productions and vocal and instrumental improvisations with influences ranging from classical music to Jazz and Techno.


S4AW 012/013 - Kolja Gerstenberg - Weilburg Crime Vol. I & Vol. II


 After his widely appreciated debut EP on S4AW Kolja remixed Cassius & Pharrell Williams on Ed Banger (yup!) and released some original stuff on Suol and Kakudo. Now he's back on board of the S4AW boat with a monster double EP - House for diggers, lovers and everyone else who's got Soul.


Remixes come courtesy of Philpot Honcho Soulphiction another one by well-respected French producer Bruno Hovart aka Patchworks.


Alltogether a Double EP bubbling over with excitement for Funk, Soul, Disco and Flutes (of course!). Tons of samples and complex drumming crafted the unique Kolja-kinda-way, with everything from deepest, jazzy Deep House Excursions over the typical Disco Slammers to funky excursions with Kolja on Rhodes Piano and Vocals himself...



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S4AWL01 - The Brothers Leeb - Touched EP


 The Brother's LEEB are releasing their first limited, vinyl only E.P. on "Smile for a while." Now, who are those guys?


One of the bros - DJ Eb-clectic - helped building Germany's Hip Hop scene during the late 1980s and 1990s in Frankfurt / Main, but also did some Chicago House tunes with Deskee and Gene Farrison Force Inc. in the 1990s, as well. This brother is a real keeper! The other bro - Leander Janik - is in his mid 20s and quite an avid home composer on his little Roland Synthie. He's a long term member of the S4AW crew, and has shared a studio with all the other guys. Needless to say The Brothers are hell of a DJ duo, too...


So the results on this 12" are inevitable: Hip Hop style sampling technique meets lush piano chord sequences. Phat Beats vs. a whole lot of love. Brother's working it out, Frankfurt style!


The freaky kinda Remix comes from Kolja Gerstenberg, the guy whose debut EP on S4AW skyrocketed onto the Boiler Room & Groove Armada's Fabric mix CD. Deepest House for da real diggerz!



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Smile for a while podcast #25 - Brevis B


Brevis B aka Ferdinand Steinbacher, momentan in Idstein gestrandet aber in Gießen verwurzelt – Von Punk bis Funk, House, Disco über Blues & Jazz.. alles kommt in den Topf. Klein angefangen mit Klavier, weiter zu Schlagzeug & Percussion & zurück zu den Tasten die gerne von analogen Oszillatoren betrieben werden dürfen oder zumindest rotzigen Rhodessound ausspucken sollten. Musik steht ganz oben auf der Prioritätenliste und war immer am Start – Bandprojekte von Punk über Funk bis Jazz haben auf jeden ihre Spuren verewigt und ne ganze Sippe von korrekten Leuten verbunden. Durch die Crew Weilburg und Konsorten wie Kolja Gerstenberg vom verführerischen Plastik in den Bann gezogen stehen bald auch die ersten heimischen Promenadenmischungen in den Startlöchen, der Perfektionismus will halt erstmal bezwungen werden. Aber ein Musiker will sich ausdrücken! Das geht sowohl auf der Bühne als auch im Wohn.. äh Schlaf.. "Studio" oder eben an den Drehtellern. Letzteres wird heute aufgetischt. Vinyl only! Lasst es euch schmecken. :)




DJ Sotofett & Phillip Lauer – Nimbus Mix

Metro Area – Caught up

Harvey Sutherland – Q3 (12" Mix)

J M S Khosah – Sancha

Paradise Box – Reel Nitty Gritty (Vocal)

Royer – Tough Questions

FYI Chris – Banana Bread

Peven Everett – Heat up (Awaaz Club Edit)

JV – EditCannel XXX

Dego & The 2000Black Family – Don't Stop (Let it go)

Jamie 3:26 & Crateburg – Hit it N Quit it

Franke & Son – Akazienlurch

Ice Band featuring Unique Pleasure – Live People (Special Disco Edit) // Tom Noble remix

Jamie 3:26 – Purple Music

Fini Dolo – Blow (Restless Soul Poetic Peak Time Mix)

Sameed – Dusty Jazz (Late Night Edit)

Norma Jean Bell – I'm The Baddest Bitch (Moodymann Mix)

Lauer – H. R. Boss


Smile for a while pres. All That Jelly Vol. 2


“All that jelly and no toast” - like when you find a bomb tune that's unreleased, deleted or totally scratched & distorted. “All that Jelly” by “Smile for a while” is exactly for tracks like this: Clubby House Music by well-established producers but also from lesser-known guys + remastered gems from the 1990s. Every tune has its own story and is more than worth the black gold treatment.


“The Klubb Kidz” was a short-lived project by Peter Primiani and Tyrone Solomon. Between 1993 and 1995 they released three records on DJ Duke's “Power Music” and on “83 West.” It's that typical mid-90s Jersey House with lotsa cut-up Vocals, Pianos and Organ chords. Real bangin' stuff! Loop-o remastered their 1994 tune “Don't wanna hurt you” at the famous Calyx Mastering / Berlin.


Karsten Weiss alias “DJ with Soul” is a Deep & Vocal House enthusiast living and DJing in Berlin for quite some time now. His soulful instrumental tune (nomen est omen) is an ode to classical House by the likes of Joey Negro, Kerri Chandler and others – an epic tune with a long build-up and two jazzy Piano solos by his buddy MickyWin.


Jordan Fields must be one of the most underrated producers of 90s Chicago House. He's done dozens of EPs and LPs under various monikers on tier-1 labels like SSR, House Jam, Large, Daisy, Camouflage, Moody, etc. One of his first was “Underground Fundamentals Vol. 1” on StrictlyRhythm Sublabel “Red Cat” in 1994. “Everybody Swingin” was also carefully remastered in 2016.


The EP is closed by Italian House Music connoisseur Gioele Giacopelli a.k.a. JWL from Perugia. His tune's a reminiscence to all the Divas that have built the HOUSE.


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Smile for a while podcast #24 - Mountak


Mountak is a Lithuanian DJ based in Berlin with a nomadic character in life & music - always trying to deliver groovy and eclectic House Music to his audience. He's one of the founders of the Lithuanian based party series "Tarp Dvieju Ausru" which developed the House / Disco Music scene in his hometown Kaunas a lot. This lead them bringing & hosting guests such as – Borrowed Identity, Mr.Beatnick, Zombies In Miami, Lehult Records Showcase, New Jackson, Patrice Scott. Mountak is also a part of an underground after-hours community called "Keep On Going" in London while still developing the Tarp Dvieju Ausru party series. Delivering some kinky house music in your hood...


Smile For A While Podcast #23 - Mat Fink & DJ Niki - Jan 1st 2017 @ Loftus Hall


Soulvester @ Loftus Hall 2017 opening set Mat Fink & DJ Niki. Morning maniac music by the notorious BROT Crew straight from Berlin, recorded live @ NYE, from 2:30.


S4AW 011 - Eddoh - Black Pearls EP (incl. Tuff City Kids Remix)


Christos Mavridis is a many of many guises. He's done an EP with our friends „House is OK“, some Tech House on labels like Noir Music, Kindisch or Get Physical. Right now he's preparing a tier-1 Techno career, but wait...

...just in time he delivers a dancefloor-heavy House Music EP on „Smile for a while“ showing off his wide sound horizon. Seriously influenced by Josh Brent's Schatrax stuff and guys like XDB or Makam these tunes are still distinctively his very own.

„Black Pearls“ is that perfect, deep, technoid House Monster that clocks in at 128bpm and still is deeper than deep. „Era Of Consciousnes“ surprises with some Disco sample slickness, the right tune if you wanna dream yourself back onto some summerish beach...

Phillip Lauer & Gerd Janson alias „Tuff City Kids“ deliver a tribute to Groover Klein Remix. Groover Who? Yes, THAT guy – resident in Mannheim's legendary MILK! Club boasting Happy hardcore, Breakbeatz, and lots of Ragga-influenced Jungle Music in the early 90s. So it's pretty clear what this remix is about – bringing back the RAVE!

The EP is closed by an hypnotic Tribal tune named „Down Low.“ Some heavy Toms, Snares and shakers goin' on and the biggest Air horn since „The Horn Track.“


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Smile For A While Podcast #22 - Marbod


Marbod's helluva party animal (see the pic?!), a music lover, label owner (LOFILE!!), a gastronomy King in Berlin Kreuzberg (Filterhouse) and - helluva DJ, too - listen to his podcast!


S4AW 010 - Andrew Soul Feat Hard Ton - Sweet Love EP


Andrew Soul hails from Bari / Italy and has been releasing Jackin House Jams on quite a few Vinyl labels already, most prominently on Snuff Trax. For S4AW he's gone back to his Deep House roots, teaming up with Hard Ton from Venice. They've released records on a variety of tier 1 House labels like Permanent Vacation, Toy Tronics, Bordello A Parigi and many more...


On here they're delivering two fresh, synth-heavy Disco tunes with lots of full range vocals, lovely basslines and a little black magic, too.Nico Lahs is hailing from Bari, too and is known for his jams on Ovum, Pokerflat & Rawax. His remix adds some heavy chords and lots of bomping beats to the original tune. One to get the party started! The EP is closed by an Andrew Soul solo tune, a druggy cowbell jam called Your Breath - only for da real headz!


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Smile For A While Podcast #21 - ManooZ


ManooZ is a man on a mission. Throwing down the sort of jackin' House music that sounds like it was made with sweaty basements firmly in mind and still with a nod to his Hip-Hop roots, the ManooZ sound is making a firm impact on the global House music community. Hailing from Mannheim in Germany, he constantly delivers a wide spectrum between raw & analog US House, Garage and sophisticated warm Deep House.


S4AW 009 - Stoneage Kid - Into Depravity EP


Sebastian Maschat a.k.a. Stoneage Kid has been around for about 15 years now: Cult Stoner House with „Extra Produktionen“ on the Brontosaurus label, drummer in Erlend Oye's „Whitest Boy Alive“ and in 2014 „The Working Elite“ together with studio buddy Daniel Nentwig, releasing synth-flavoured House Tunes on „Terre des Pommes.“ Right now he's still actively playing in „Omar Diop's Tiliboo Afrobat.“


This is his first solo EP as „Stoneage Kid“, a vintage hardware liveact and a studio producer; MPC based, with his own vocals and a very distinctive Electro Pop aesthetique. The 12“ comes out on „Smile for a while“ in clear reminiscence of his Playhouse / Robert Johnson schooling. Really sounds like Captain Comatose locked up with Isolée in some purple haze panic room...


The A-side is filled with melancholic Jams on his drum machines & synthesizers. Some Vocoder, some funky snares and a lot of bassline-bumping going on over there...Old friend Lauer delivers a Texas Cheesecake factory-kinda remix where you can hear the Universal Symphony, with God singing solo and the Holy Ghost on drums – just as expected.


„Hang On To A Dream“ is quite a special tune, initially written and sung by German Indie veteran Otto von Bismarck, who's been around since 1981 – or 1891, who knows?. This Remix version is really something for intimate connoiseurs of both Pop and House Music.


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Smile For A While Podcast #20 - Quadrakey


Our good friends from Russia & Berlin running Tooman Records



Mara Lakour - Tribute To GU [Roots For Bloom]

Toronto Hustle - Just Enough [Something Else]

Max Chapman - Breakdown [All That Jelly]

Rudi Botha & Miggza - Everything I Need [Friday Fox Recordings]

Klaves - Say It [Let’s Play House]

Kerri Chandler & Troy Denari - The Way It Goes (DJ Spen & Soulfuledge Dub 4 Real) [Madhouse]

Coeo - Thinkin' 'Bout You [Let’s Play House]

Sean Mccabe feat. Jennifer Wallace - Holding On (Crackazat Remix) [Z Records]

Hawkes & Blake - Flip a Coin [Aus Music]

Donato Capozzi - Contemporary Past [ER Classics]

Sebastian Davidson - Someday [Large]


Smile For A While Podcast #19 - Sål


Sål = two Newcomer Dj's, a duo formed in 2014. They're running a party series called "Schirmherrschaft" in Berlin. Two big, big music fans...



Baba Stilz - Get Down, Don't Go - *Free Download*

Laurence Guy - One for you, Lou - CinCin

Eddie C - Flying Blue - Mule Musiq

Leon Vynehall - Saxony - Running Back

Munk - The Bolero Bunuel (Red Axes Remix) - Gomma

LD Nero - Special - Running Back

University of Nowhere - Sentimental Mood - Bla Bla

Cleveland - Rio - Permanent Vacation

Baltra - Fade Away - Craigie Knowes

Trevino - Casino - Aus

Casino Times - Love in Time - Wolf Music


Smile For A While Podcast #18 - Lecsicu


S4AW 008 - Lecsicu ft. Berinika - Reversed Feelings EP


Some more uncut diamonds by S4AW... Robert Nedelcu aka Lecsicu from rural Romania is only 26 but already a skillful and dedicated producer of oldschool-flavoured House Music with a tek-edge. On top we've got vocals by Berinika van Wyk a singer born in South Africa.


Robert was inspired by guys like Rick Wade, Mr. G, Kerri Chandler, and of course Moodyman. His trademark are strong percussions, little harmonies every now and then and a “tracky” atmo to his tunes that sound very Chicago-ish.


All three original tunes are pure, vintage-style House Music a little on the tech side. So this clearly is an EP for the dancefloor and for early morning sessions when the sun's coming up again...


“Route to 95” received a groundbreaking rework by Detroit House Music veteran Gari Romalis. With incredibly deep subbass sequencies he makes this tune a deep jam like you never heard one before.


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Smile for a while pres. All That Jelly Vol. 1


All that jelly and no toast' - like when you find a bomb tune that's unavailable on 12'. The new sublabel of 'Smile for a while' is exactly about this. Clubby House Music by well-established producers as well as from lesser-known guys.


French guy Alex Agore opens the EP with the Lowtone remix of 'What Did I Do' - cut-up Garage House to the maxx.


Max Chapman from London / UK delivers another belter. A bassline-driven organ House tune with a minimalistic but very effective set-up. Oleg Poliakov aka SKAT is one of the guys behind 'Circus Company.' He comes up with a sublime but powerful Tech House tune, in the original sense of the genre name. 'Jazzve' is a tune by Russian producer Mutenoise. It's maybe the most original, innovative tune on this EP. Full of surprises and cutting-edge elements - hard to compare to anything else around these days.


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S4AW 007 - Jana Falcon - Falling EP

S4AW admittedly was kind of a boys club, so far. Well that was then, this is now. And now it's time to turn the tide cos' Jana Falcon is steppin' up! Deeply rooted in UK Garage, Classic House her EP adds another spicy scent to the label's cinemascope-style portfolio.

Jana's in her mid 20s and a bomb shell of a DJ already. This debut release reflects her very own, distinct sound flavour, both as a DJ and as a music freak. Bopping beats, cut-up vocals and a certain, irresistible pop appeal – it's all there.


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Smile For A While Podcast #17 - Mutze

MS Zufriedenheit resident DJ Mutze delights us with some kinda wild selection of downbeat, "house not house" and other crazy shit :-)


Smile For A While Podcast #16 - Mutenoise


A friend of ours from Mother Russia...



1. Les Sins - Grind

2. Tall Black Guy Productions - I Like You

3. Galcher Lustwerk - I Neva Seen

4. Nas1 - 50k

5. Laurence Guy - Ubik

6. Peter Clamat - Fonetische Bestatigung

7. Harry Wolfman Loz Goddard - Neck of the Woods

8. Red Rack'em - Wonky Bassline Disco Banger

9. Uffe - Solid Satin (We Can Do Something)

10. Detroit Swindle - Howsmusic

11. Torben - B1


Kolja Gerstenberg - Sand EP


At just 22 years old, Kolja Gerstenberg is not exactly the stereotypical producer of current times. His affinity to Funk, Soul, Disco & Jazz Rock brought him to study drums at a decent German university, even though the real glory days of Disco preceded his birth.


His passion for electronic music is part of a Gerstenberg family tradition. Breast-fed Rhythm & Grooves galore, Kolja's dad was touring with legendary Trance live act ‘Afrotrance’ during the early 1990s; releasing on R&S, Harthouse, etc. And guess what? he was the percussionist, performing in legendary clubs like ‘Dorian Gray’ or OMEN in Frankfurt.


Now Kolja's ready to take over and let the drums roll. The Smile for a While guys came across him via soundcloud and instantly liked his unique style of House Music, combining complex drumming with oldschool samples and crazy arrangements.


One of both the label & Kolija’s biggest hero’s loved the tracks as well - namely Move D. Between his everlasting, world-wide tour routine he managed to squeeze in a bass line monster of a remix – the first he's done in two years!


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Smile for a while Podcast #15 - Siggatunez


Tieffrequent Label head Siggi Tunezia playing da blues for us...



1.Siggatunez & Oliver Bernstein-Chill My Hand Like That-Tieffrequent

2.Dr. Filter & Catlover K.-Rosi-Laubenpiepers Finest

3.T. Patton-Beatdown-Polyfon

4.Mark E-Beat Down-Running Back

5.Pop & Eye-Give Me-Editainment

6.Steven Wobblejay-Real Love (Siggatunez & Oliver Bernstein RMX)-Traxx Underground

7.Soulphiction-Prison Song-Sonar Kollektiv

8.RDF (Ron Deacon & Filburt)-Truck-RDF

9.Pt/B-An Anthem-The Healing Company

10.Monosoul-June (Borrowed Identity RMX)-Smile 4 A While

11.Alex Danilov-Sundays-Mysterious Russian Soul Records

12.Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana-Mesmerised-Moods & Grooves

13.Sven Weisemann-Whatever It Is-Just Another Beat

14.Oliver Bernstein-Gotzkovsky-Tieffrequent


Smile for a while Podcast #14 - NRMNT


NRMNT is a 23 year old DJ from the Rhine-Main area who’s in love with the 90s house sound. Together with Phil Simon he founded the collective "Friends of the Family." They are hosting parties in and around Aschaffenburg and also run a little podcast series...



Aphrodisiac - Song of the Siren

Manabu Nagayama & Soichi Terada - Low Tension (Utopian Remix)

Equation - III Say a prayer 4 U

Jovonn - Nite Roads

Karizma - The Power (Original Mix)

Round One - I’m Your Brother (Club Version)

Mood II Swing - Ohh!

Rhythm II Rhythm – A Touch Of Jazz

Johan S. - Somethin' 4 Da Barheadz

Galaxy People – A Mystical Journey

Trailer Ends - Runnin' Around (Old Man Mix)

Groove Committee - I Want You To Know (Nicholas & Marcoradi Rework)

Bassmental - Keep It Deep

Djaimin - Give You

Sounds Of Blackness – The Pressure (Pt. 1)

Ralphi Rosario - You Used to Hold Me (It's a Jazz Thing)