"Another Frankfurt label looking to leave its mark on the global scene is Smile for a while, an underground-inclined label that's stemmed from a party of the same name."

(c) Ibiza Voice 

Smile For A While is a label, booking agency and a party series - but first of all a collective of friends, music lovers, djs, producers and nightlife addicts.


Founded by David Tzschentke & Daniel Tischer after an ecstatic NYE in 2010/11 in the notorious “Robert Johnson” Club in Offenbach, they decided to create “Smile for a while” as an event series with focus on quality music and artists, but also especially on young, underrepresented local artists.


We like to make people smile and dance with our passion for electronic music, clubbing, nightlife, djing and music production. Our roots are Soul, Funk, Disco and oldschool House Music. Detroit, New York City and Chicago. The Music Institute, Paradise Garage, Warehouse and Muzic Box. Derrick May, Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy. 


During the first three years we helped no less than 9 newcomers to their first Vinyl release. We've done 11 releases with artists like Monosoul, Johannes Abert, Janis, Alex Agore or Oleg Poliakov, remixers like Move D, Borrowed Identity, Tuff City Kids, Gari Romalis or Lauer. 


We'll continue to move on from Berlin, since the label was moved there in summer 2015.