Artist: VA
Title: All That Jelly Vol. 1
Label: All That Jelly
Release Date: 08/08/16
Catalogue Number: ATJ001


A1. Alex Agore - What Did I Do (Lowtone Remix)

A2. Max Chapman - Breakdown

B1. Oleg Poliakov - Windy Thoughts

B2. Mutenoise - Jazzve






All that jelly and no toast' - like when you find a bomb tune that's unavailable on 12'. The new sublabel of 'Smile for a while' is exactly about this. Clubby House Music by well-established producers as well as from lesser-known guys.


French guy Alex Agore opens the EP with the Lowtone remix of 'What Did I Do' - cut-up Garage House to the maxx.

Max Chapman from London / UK delivers another belter. A bassline-driven organ House tune with a minimalistic but very effective set-up. Oleg Poliakov aka SKAT is one of the guys behind 'Circus Company.' He comes up with a sublime but powerful Tech House tune, in the original sense of the genre name. 'Jazzve' is a tune by Russian producer Mutenoise. It's maybe the most original, innovative tune on this EP. Full of surprises and cutting-edge elements - hard to compare to anything else around these days.


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