Artist: VA
Title: All That Jelly Vol. 2
Label: All That Jelly
Release Date: 07/02/17
Catalogue Number: ATJ002


A1. The Klubb Kidz - Don't wanna hurt you (Skool Vocal) (Remastered)

A2. DJ with Soul - Just A Soulful Instrumental

B1. Jordan Fields - Everybody Swingin' (The Rapture Of Dub) (Remastered)

B2. JWL - Me And My Diva






“All that jelly and no toast” - like when you find a bomb tune that's unreleased, deleted or totally scratched & distorted. “All that Jelly” by “Smile for a while” is exactly for tracks like this: Clubby House Music by well-established producers but also from lesser-known guys + remastered gems from the 1990s. Every tune has its own story and is more than worth the black gold treatment.


“The Klubb Kidz” was a short-lived project by Peter Primiani and Tyrone Solomon. Between 1993 and 1995 they released three records on DJ Duke's “Power Music” and on “83 West.” It's that typical mid-90s Jersey House with lotsa cut-up Vocals, Pianos and Organ chords. Real bangin' stuff! Loop-o remastered their 1994 tune “Don't wanna hurt you” at the famous Calyx Mastering / Berlin.


Karsten Weiss alias “DJ with Soul” is a Deep & Vocal House enthusiast living and DJing in Berlin for quite some time now. His soulful instrumental tune (nomen est omen) is an ode to classical House by the likes of Joey Negro, Kerri Chandler and others – an epic tune with a long build-up and two jazzy Piano solos by his buddy MickyWin.


Jordan Fields must be one of the most underrated producers of 90s Chicago House. He's done dozens of EPs and LPs under various monikers on tier-1 labels like SSR, House Jam, Large, Daisy, Camouflage, Moody, etc. One of his first was “Underground Fundamentals Vol. 1” on StrictlyRhythm Sublabel “Red Cat” in 1994. “Everybody Swingin” was also carefully remastered in 2016.


The EP is closed by Italian House Music connoisseur Gioele Giacopelli a.k.a. JWL from Perugia. His tune's a reminiscence to all the Divas that have built the HOUSE.


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