Artist: Orlando Detroit Connection
Title: 1000 Miles Ahead
Label: All That Jelly
Release Date: 31/05/19
Catalogue Number: ATJ006


Artwork by Lecsicu

Distributed by DBH

Remastered and cut by Andreas Kauffelt

Originally released on Power Music, 1996.

Copyright: Smile for a while, licensed from Power Music



A1. Connecting (New York Mix - Remastered)

B1. Detroit Afterhours (Remastered)

B2. Orlando Late Dub (Remastered)






DJ Duke always had a massive number of alter egos. One he only used once in 1996 was „Orlando Detroit Connection“ releasing mesmerizing Breakbeat tunes, connecting the deepest shit ever with some analog synth madness and stomping, broken beats. 


Duke about this EP:

It was called Orlando /Detroit because I had been playing in Orlando a few times and they were really into the whole breakbeat scene, which was around the time I started doing more electro/break beat stuff. I added Detroit, because it was really a mix of breaks with

techno sounds on top.


I did the electro stuff with Techfunkers and it eventually evolved into more break beat and then some acid too mixed in, but this release was just a mix of old detroit and the Orlando break scene


So you also djed stuff like this?

Yes, obviously when I started out DJing and electro was born I was playing electro in the 80s, but after I had produced house, I liked to mix different genres, and I think I was probbaly oneof the only ones that was doing electro/house in 1993, but there was a fairly large scene in Florida and elsewhere where they played funky acid breaks, so I did some of that, and this release was spawned from that time.


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