Artist: Various Artists

Title: FFM EP VOL. 2


Mastering by Andreas Kauffelt @ Schnittstelle

Vinyl distribution by Freebase Records

 Digital distribution by Label Worx


A1. Oliver Achatz - Machine Love

A2. Honeo - HouKlaSam

B1. Eddoh - For what will come

B2. Martin Heimann - Viol






For the second chapter in the Smile For A While story, label heads Daniel and David call on a veritable host of Frankfurt based producers, with the FFM Vol. 2 EP one that's very much deserving of its vinyl release.


Opener ''Machine Love'' by Oliver Achatz (of ''House is OK" fame) is an early case in point. An undoubtedly groovy track with a sultry edge, it's the sort of emotive battle weapon that'll entice listeners to the 'floor and prove a massive hit with the ladies in the process. A huggin' and kissin' thing for sure.


Honeo is another cool cat from Frankfurt, and a man who's been releasing quality-strewn tracks since way back in 1968. ''HouKlaSam'' is the sort of track you yearn for at 4am, and thanks to its relentless tones and many captivating nuances, it'll ensure you stay transfixed for the full duration of its 7-or-so minutes.


''For What Will Come'' is another thrifty banger, with Eddoh serving up a delectable dish this time around. A synth-based, bassline-heavy jem, it's another effort that tugs on the emotions whilst also maintaining a shrewd up-tempo demeanor. The curtain is then brought down on this magnificent EP thanks to Martin Heimann. Heimann, of course, is an active member in one of Frankfurt's hottest new bands, Newmen.


''Viol'' is a track that's indicative of his rich talent too, with its organic soundscapes proving a fitting end to an EP that's loaded with charm and panache from the first beat to the last. Exceptional stuff.


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