Artist: Stoneage Kid
Title: Into Depravity EP
Label: Smile for a while
Artwork: Carolina Nino
Remixer: Lauer
Release Date: 24/10/16
Catalogue Number: S4AW009


A1. Into Depravity

A2. Fearless Heart

B1. Into Depravity (Lauer Remix)

B2. Hang On To A Dream Rmx





Sebastian Maschat a.k.a. Stoneage Kid has been around in the House Music scene for about 15 years now: Cult Stoner House with - Extra Produktionen', drummer in Erlend Oye's - Whitest Boy Alive' and numerous other projects.- Stoneage Kid' is an hardware / MPC based act, with own vocals and a very distinctive Electro Pop aesthetique. His first EP on - Smile for a while' creally sounds like Captain Comatose meeting Isolée in some purple haze panic room...You'll find melancholic Drum machine jams, some serious synths, lotsa vocoder and a lot of bassline-bumping. Phillip Lauer delivers a refreshingly cheesy remix with God singing solo and the Holy Ghost on drums - just as expected.- Hang On To A Dream' is quite a special tune, written and sung by German Indie veteran Otto von Bismarck. This Remix version is really something for intimate connoiseurs of both Pop and House Music.


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