Artist: Kolja Gerstenberg
Title: Weilburg Crime Vol 2
Label: Smile for a while
Artwork: Carolina Nino

Remixer: Patchwork 
Release Date: 02/05/17
Catalogue Number: S4AW012


A1. Schiggeria - Guggelhupf

A2. Get My Love

B1. Schiggeria - Guggelhupf (Patchworks Remix) 

B2. Wooosh







After his widely appreciated debut EP on S4AW Kolja remixed Cassius & Pharrell Williams on Ed Banger (yup!) and released some original stuff on Suol and Kakudo. Now he's back on board of the S4AW boat with a monster double EP - House for diggers, lovers and everyone else who's got Soul.


Remixes come courtesy of Philpot Honcho Soulphiction another one by well-respected French producer Bruno Hovart aka Patchworks.


Alltogether a Double EP bubbling over with excitement for Funk, Soul, Disco and Flutes (of course!). Tons of samples and complex drumming crafted the unique Kolja-kinda-way, with everything from deepest, jazzy Deep House Excursions over the typical Disco Slammers to funky excursions with Kolja on Rhodes Piano and Vocals himself...


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