Artist: Duccio
Title: Pocket Love EP
Label: Smile for a while
Release Date: 16/09/19
Catalogue Number: S4AW017


Artwork by Alex Solman

Distributed by DBH

Mastered & cut by Andreas Kauffelt

Pressed by intakt / Berlin


A1. Pocket Love

A2. Zion Train

B1. When It Rains

B2. Immigrant Love




Duccio Lopresto is a classic car lover and modernist in the classical sense from northern Italy. His debut on Greta Cottage Workshop was a blueprint for what House Music can be 35 years after it emerged: Funky without copying the 70s, deep without being boring, uplifting without being cheesy.


His second artist EP is now going to be released on Berlin's „Smile for a while“, coming with heavy synths, bouncing basslines, syncopated drums and hypnotizing rhythm patterns. Clearly an approach from a motor city - not Detroit though but Milan. 

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